MARCH 2021

We would like to make a brief update on our activity in relation to the approximately 150 cats that were left behind after the fire that burned the detention center of Moria, from September until now. As long as the weather was good and there were even some leftovers from containers, metal tents and other constructions, the cats found shelter there, and we fed them. November came and with it the bulldozers that in a short time ruined everything. Whatever metallic structure was there quickly disappeared. We gathered as many cats as possible and with the help of a few migrants who continued to live there, three points were created and we made shelters for them. However, in December, these parts were also destroyed when, by the end of February, the migrants who lived there were expelled or arrested. Then we transferred some of the cats we cared for to a space given to us by an individual and made an improvised construction so that the cats could stay inside and be protected from the rain and cold.
We want to thank the Greek Animal Rescue  with the help of which we spayed 42 female cats and  gave us some food. 
The Greek Cat Care Foundation/Stichting Kattenhulp Griekenland with the help of which we spayed 19 males as well as for the 16 large ampoules with which we did external deworming in all the above cats. 
We as Cats and Dogs of Moria spayed at our own expense another 19 female / male cats. We also want to thank all the people who had  helped us in many ways. Please, continue your help as we are in a very difficult financial situation. We go to the shelter every day, feeding, caring for the sick cats and we will continue to neuter the few (about the beginning of our effort) that have remained unsterile.
Thank you!