A few words about the situation so far in the former camp of Moria and the animals that remained there after the fire on 9/9/20.

One can only positively assess the solidarity efforts so far in the former camp of Moria. In general and given the publicity that the issue received we are happy that so many people were interested, offered time, material help or even an encouraging word.
This is probably the first time that volunteers, solidarity groups, local and foreign unions have joined forces for a common cause.
First of all, a feeding group of five people was immediately created so that on a daily basis there is food and water for the kittens and dogs.
About 18 cats and some puppies are already being re-homed in Lesvos. Twenty-three male and female cats have been neutered and we continue.. Many animals were given first aid while the sickest of them went to the doctor and are being hosted there. At the end of the month, and if some kittens are ready, we will be able to transport them to homes in Athens until they are adopted.
In addition, several migrants managed, despite police attempts to stop them, to return and care for their animal friends, and some people are trying to take them with them to the Kara Tepe camp.
Unfortunately, of course, dozens of cats and dogs (perhaps more than a hundred) continue to live alone in the burnt remains of the camp under difficult conditions. So far we are happy with the solidarity response but the need for adoptions and practical help continues.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us so far in this effort!