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cats and dogs of moria

On Wednesday, September 9, the Reception and Identification Center in Moria (Lesvos, Greece) burned down completely. Around 9500 migrants were transported by police forces to a new closed detention center in Kara Tepe without being allowed to take their four-legged friends with them. Dozens of animals were abandoned in the burned camp of Moria in miserable conditions, malnourished and injured from the fire. There is a need to protect them and if possible some of them to be adopted in homes where they will have permanent care and companionship. The task of transporting them has several difficulties and costs for tickets, booklets and other typical procedures. We are raising money for this purpose while at the same time we are looking for responsible people who would like to adopt one of those.

MARCH 2021

We would like to make a brief update on our activity in relation to the approximately 150 cats that were left behind after the fire that burned the detention center of Moria, from September until now. As long as the weather was good and there were even some leftovers from containers, metal tents and other constructions, the cats found shelter there, and we fed them. November came and with it the bulldozers that in a short time ruined everything. Whatever metallic structure was there quickly disappeared. We gathered as many cats as possible and with the help of a few migrants who continued to live there, three points were created and we made shelters for them. However, in December, these parts were also destroyed when, by the end of February, the migrants who lived there were expelled or arrested. Then we transferred some of the cats we cared for to a space given to us by an individual and made an improvised construction so that the cats could stay inside and be protected from the rain and cold.
We want to thank the Greek Animal Rescue  with the help of which we spayed 42 female cats and  gave us some food. 
The Greek Cat Care Foundation/Stichting Kattenhulp Griekenland with the help of which we spayed 19 males as well as for the 16 large ampoules with which we did external deworming in all the above cats. 
We as Cats and Dogs of Moria spayed at our own expense another 19 female / male cats. We also want to thank all the people who had  helped us in many ways. Please, continue your help as we are in a very difficult financial situation. We go to the shelter every day, feeding, caring for the sick cats and we will continue to neuter the few (about the beginning of our effort) that have remained unsterile.
Thank you!

A few words about the situation so far in the former camp of Moria and the animals that remained there after the fire on 9/9/20.

One can only positively assess the solidarity efforts so far in the former camp of Moria. In general and given the publicity that the issue received we are happy that so many people were interested, offered time, material help or even an encouraging word.
This is probably the first time that volunteers, solidarity groups, local and foreign unions have joined forces for a common cause.
First of all, a feeding group of five people was immediately created so that on a daily basis there is food and water for the kittens and dogs.
About 18 cats and some puppies are already being re-homed in Lesvos. Twenty-three male and female cats have been neutered and we continue.. Many animals were given first aid while the sickest of them went to the doctor and are being hosted there. At the end of the month, and if some kittens are ready, we will be able to transport them to homes in Athens until they are adopted.
In addition, several migrants managed, despite police attempts to stop them, to return and care for their animal friends, and some people are trying to take them with them to the Kara Tepe camp.
Unfortunately, of course, dozens of cats and dogs (perhaps more than a hundred) continue to live alone in the burnt remains of the camp under difficult conditions. So far we are happy with the solidarity response but the need for adoptions and practical help continues.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us so far in this effort!

About the adoption process

For those interested in adopting: We write here to respond to the friends who offered to take home some of the kittens and dogs of Moria. In the former camp, in addition to the daily feeding, the sickest, wickest or smaller kittens and dogs are collected as a priority. Due to the limited temporary accommodations space there is no possibility for more than two or three animals. The animals collected go to the doctor, maybe do some treatment, vaccines, etc. Therefore the adoption and transfer cannot be done overnight, the last thing we want is to bother with transporting animals that are not able to travel. Therefore, those who have declared themselves candidates for “parents” should give us some time, we will get in touch with them as soon as possible, most likely with a proposal for a specific animal. Thank you all for your interest!

About our four-legged companions in Moria, Lesvos, Greece

On Wednesday , September 9, the Reception and Identification Center in Moria burned down completely. The migrants detained there remained on the streets for days without access to basic necessities until they were forced by the police to move to the new -closed- camp of Kara Tepe. One would expect a report from Lesvos Island to refer primarily to the daily violence experienced by the migrants there.

However, there is a need to shed light on another, parallel story that concerns the dozens (estimated at around 70-100) of cats and dogs who until the fire lived with the migrants either inside the KIT or in the so-called “jungle”, the olive groves that extend to the right and left of the official camp.

During this long stay of the migrants in Moria, many dogs and mainly cats found shelter in the facilities. These animals were adopted by the caged inhabitants of Moria, lived with them and shared water, the little food and roof. After the chaos that prevailed during the fire, the evacuation of the area and the forced removal of all migrants from Moria, these animals were violently separated from their human companions. The ban on leaving the Kara Tepe camp no longer allows migrants to look for their pet in the former camp. There is also information that animals were not allowed to enter the new camp from the beginning.

Today all these dogs and cats are left without any help, water or food. Many have health problems that either pre-existed or were acquired due to the fire. They are injured or have burns and eye problems. Some are in shock due to the situation they experienced. The sickest of them are treated and temporarily accommodatet in houses by the few people who deal with this part of the general tragedy. The rest wander around fasting and thirsty among the burned leftovers, other dead animals and piles of rotten garbage looking for the people who disappeared overnight.

We would like to find shelter for as many of these animals as we can. The chances of surviving in the remaining hell are few as they are all used to live with humans. It is important to find homes outside and inside Lesvos and people who will take care of them, treat them and love them.
There is need for money for vaccinations, booklets and other formal procedures necessary for their transportation from the hellhole of Moria to Athens. But the key is to find people who will adopt them permanently

How you can help

Our goal is to find as many houses and warm hugs for as many animals as we can. However, because such situations sometimes evoke enough emotion, one can easily be seduced into a move that is not really ready to make. We need to clarify that we are looking for people who are aware of the commitments that the adoption of a four-legged partner has. A cat or a dog from Moria is in great need of care but it is most likely to be an injured and frightened animal. It takes patience and hard work. We do not want to discourage anyone. The opposite. It’s just good to be a conscious decision.

So if you would like to adopt you should contact us by email at catsdogsofmoria@protonmail.com and we will answer you immediately.

If you do not have the ability to adopt you can financially support the effort. There is a fund that raises money. We put boxes for financial suport in Athens, in the following spaces:

  • Cooperaive “SynAllois”, Nileos 35, Thisio, 11851
  • Bookshop “Ekdoseis ton Synadelfon”, Kallidromiou 30, Exarcheia
  • Lacandona, Ipitou 4, Syntagma


Otherwise you can donate here: https://gogetfunding.com/help-cats-and-dogs-of-moria/